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Beat the Burglar Home Security Guide

Any home is a potential target for burglars; some are more appealing than others and some offer themselves up with a bow that begs to be opened.



Police launch Craven dog watch scheme

Police in Craven are launching a new dog watch scheme - and they hope the initiative will be supported by the thousands of dog walkers in the district.

PCSO Sarah Hargreaves spearheads Craven's new Dog Watch PCSO Sarah Hargreaves spearheads Craven's new Dog Watch

Dog Watch operates on a similar basis to Neighbourhood Watch, but instead of the neighbourhood reporting suspicious activity, the onus is on the dog walker.

"As dog walkers tend to be out and about early mornings and late evenings, whilst other people are indoors, they are more likely to see or hear things relating to crime," said police community support officer Sarah Hargreaves.

"By encouraging more people to report any suspicious, anti-social behaviour or criminal activity to the police, they can help North Yorkshire Police to reduce crime, the fear of crime and help increase the quality of life for many of Craven's residents and workers.

"We are not asking people to put themselves at risk, walk in places they are not happy to or walk late at night. We are asking them to feedback community information that could assist the police. Walkers will often walk together and talk so this is a great opportunity to pass on information."

She added that just being out and about could reduce crime, as offenders would not act if someone was nearby.

Dog Watch, which is funded by Craven Community Safety Partnership and supported by Craven District Council, will be launched next Saturday, April 21, with events at Aireville Park, Skipton, from 11am to noon, outside Tesco on the town's Craven Street, from 12.15pm to 1.45pm, and Embsay Reservoir, from 2pm to 3pm.

Those signing up for the scheme will receive a quarterly newsletters, ring round messages and regular emails.

For more information, contact Sarah at Skipton Police Station on 101.

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Local Conservatives work to set up Neighbourhood Watch network

Following their recent residents’ survey, local Conservatives in Coldharbour, Mottingham & New Eltham ward have been working to establish a network of local Neighbourhood Watch groups in the area. There has been a significant increase in burglaries – particularly in the New Eltham part of the ward, over the last few months – and this has caused understandable concern.


It's a shame to lose Neighbourhood Watch

NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch stickers were once a proud yellow badge displayed in the windows of homes across the Vale warning law breakers they were up against a network of neighbours ready to fight back against crime.


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‘Courier fraud’ scams

Please be aware of a growing scam where fraudsters are posing as bank staff or Police to dupe people into withdrawing and handing over cash, handing over their card and PIN, or transferring funds to the fraudsters account. Fraudsters often target older and more vulnerable members of the community and many victims have lost their life savings.


3 Tiered Approach to Home Security

The security of a person’s home is always important. However, many home owners define their security by how expensive their alarm system is, or by what brand of exterior locks they use. But by thinking about security in terms of individual features, you home might not be as secure as it could be.


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