October 14, 2022

Is It Cheaper to Buy or Build A House?

Is It Cheaper to Buy or Build A House?

Moving into your permanent home is an exciting step towards your future plans. Whether you intend on staying for 1 year or 30, becoming a homeowner indicates that you are settling down. Many people wonder how to get the most for their money due to the current state of the economy, according to MPC Contractors Limited, a seasoned building company in London.

The main question that exists is should you buy a home or have one built from the ground up? There are many factors that will go into this decision, and in this article, they will be explored.

What Does it Take to Build a Home?

Having a home built for you is a wonderful thought. It is a chance for you to make brand new memories in a place that is and has only been, your own. A lot of people desire this option, but they do not know if it is really feasible to have a home built instead of simply buying one that is already on the market.

Consider the area that you live in. Naturally, different neighborhoods will change your home-building budget. Whether you plan on building a home in Beverly Hills or in the rural countryside, you can probably guess which would cost you more money.

Aside from location, the home itself will cost around $95,500. This is going to be what is known as the “shell” of your home. This includes the walls, windows, doors, and roof. This shell will typically account for ⅓ of your home’s cost. Next, you must consider your interior finishes.

Do you want marble countertops and hardwood flooring? You can expect to pay more for these luxuries. On average, a homeowner can expect to pay $85,000 on the interior, another third of the entire price.

Mechanics, such as plumbing and heating, should cost you around 13% of the entire budget–$37,000. Finally, you must consider the costs that you will pay to the architect; these drawings will run you around $4,500.

Putting this all together, you can gather that having a home built would cost you around $222,000. Again, keep in mind that this is a median price. Your zip code and interior design choices have a lot to do with the costs.

How to Buy a Perfect Home

Before you begin your home-buying search, you need to know what you are looking for. It is easy to tell a real estate agent that you’d like an amazing home, but everyone has their own definition of what is considered amazing.

Know your preferences, your likes and dislikes. Are there any things that would be considered deal-breakers? You need to know all of this before you seek out the help of a real estate agent.

It is also a wise decision to get pre-approved for your home loan. A very small percentage of people buy their homes outright. You are likely going to have a mortgage, and if you already know that you have been approved, this is going to give you a lot of confidence during your home-buying search.

You will also be able to know which neighborhoods and homes are realistic options for you to look into.

Don’t obsess over the “right time” to buy your home. The market is constantly changing, and you don’t need to base your decision on something that can change in an instant. What makes your home perfect is that it is perfect for you. It needs to include all of the amenities that you require and the space that you need to feel comfortable.

When you do walk-throughs of homes, don’t just walkthrough. Look around and inspect everything that you can. A real estate agent isn’t going to point out the home’s downfalls, so you might need to do your own research to see the bigger picture.

Make sure that you don’t notice any problems upfront because these problems will certainly turn into larger inconveniences in the future.

The Pros and Cons 



  • Customization and personalization of every aspect of your home
  • You will have a home that is up to the most current building codes
  • The yard will be yours to design and fill as you wish


  • You must prepare to pay for the home, architect, and contractors–a costly investment
  • You can’t move in right away
  • You will likely have a lot more yard work to do since the yard will be brand new, as well



  • It is cheaper than building one from the ground up
  • A real estate agent can help you find the perfect home for your desires and budget
  • You can make upgrades on your own time


  • You might have to deal with maintenance issues since the home won’t be brand new
  • Utilities cost more in older homes since appliances aren’t always energy-efficient
  • You might have to settle for a home that only meets most of your requirements

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