December 28, 2022

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Vehicle Wrapped?

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Vehicle Wrapped?

One way to change the look of any car or truck is to get it wrapped. There are a ton of ideas for vehicle wraps on the market nowadays. A vehicle wrap can also help preserve the actual paint on the vehicle if done correctly. How much do vehicle wraps cost though, and what makes them the price that they are?

Time Factors into the Price

Any time an item is being sold, the time that it takes to make that product is always calculated into the price. A vehicle wrap is not exempt from such. According to Fleet Wrap HQ – Salt Lake City, which makes vehicle wraps in Salt Lake City, the time that it takes to make a vehicle wrap can be anywhere from three to five days. This is much faster than having a vehicle painted in most instances. A vehicle wrap may still take a few days, but the time is nearly cut in half.

Vehicle Wraps Offer Protection

A vehicle wrap can offer protection for the actual paint or even the body of the vehicle. While it does not make the vehicle invincible, it does help prevent scratches from branches or even rocks on the road. Oftentimes hunters will have their vehicles wrapped; that way they can get further in the woods without the worry of scratching the paint.

There are many reasons as to why to wrap a vehicle, but protection is certainly high up on that list. This is calculated into what a vehicle wrap will cost. A product that adds protection to something is certainly of value. A vehicle wrap is very durable. It is made of vinyl that is usually four mils thick.

How Long Do Vehicle Wraps Last?

Any time someone is investing in a product, the life of that product should be taken into consideration. The lifespan of a vehicle wrap can be anywhere from four to six years. Most of the time the wrap will end up fading before anything else happens to it. A vehicle wrap can last even longer than a paint job. A paint job will remain nice and shiny, but it is prone to scratches due from simply driving down the road.

One way to prolong the life of a wrap is to eliminate how long the wrapped vehicle is in direct sunlight. The more sun the wrap gets, the faster it will begin to fade and become unsightly. If the wrap is parked in a garage, then it is less likely to fade than if it were parked in the sun on a regular basis.

Many Styles Are Available

When wrapping a vehicle, many options are available. There are many different colors to choose from. Another great thing is that any logos, words or signs that are desired can be placed on the wrap. Some people opt to have business information on their vehicle or even neat designs like camouflage. This is all according to individual preference. Depending on the design, the price can vary accordingly.

This YouTube video features some vehicle wrap designs that may be of interest.

Wrapping Only Half of the Vehicle

One option for vehicle wrapping is to get the vehicle partially wrapped. The point of this is to allow the vehicle to have a certain design or logo available for others to see. This can be a great way to advertise an important event or to even just get a business name advertised. The price for half a wrap will be substantially less than getting a full wrap.

The Make of the Vehicle Affects the Amount

The make of the vehicle will also determine the overall price of the vehicle wrap. Some vehicles will have a more intricate body that will end up being a little bit more detailed for a vehicle wrap. Also, the size of the vehicle will also affect the price of the vehicle wrap. The size and body style of the vehicle should definitely be taken into consideration when shopping for a vehicle wrap.

What Is the Average Cost for a Vehicle Wrap?

The average cost of a vehicle wrap is usually charge by the square foot of the vehicle. If the wrap is only going to cover a bit of the vehicle then the square footage for that section will be used to determine the price of wrap. For the most part, a wrap can cost anywhere from $100 to a couple thousand dollars. It is good to get an estimate before committing to having any designs made. Sometimes professionals will have sales. Shopping local is usually the better route and discounts can even be found when buying locally.

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    I’m glad that you talk about the different styles available for vehicle wraps. My cousin wants to advertise her business. Maybe she can get an advertising vehicle wrap.


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