October 27, 2022

How to Remove Rattle Snake from Your Back Yard

How to Remove Rattle Snake from Your Back Yard

Having a poisonous snake in the backyard an insight fear inside of anyone. While some people are fearless they still must remain careful and aware. According to Sacramento Valley Wildlife Services, who provides nuisance wild animal removal services, a rattlesnake in the backyard is no joke and things can go bad very quickly. The snake should be removed promptly and safely. This does not necessarily mean to kill the snake either. Here is how to get that snake out of the backyard quickly and safely!

Repellent Is the First Step.

If there is a snake in the backyard, then this step was either not effective or altogether skipped. But, the first step in removing a rattlesnake out of a backyard is to prevent them from ever even entering the yard. While this is not one hundred percent effective it can be very beneficial at warding off rattlesnakes. There are a number of snake repellents on the market that can assist in this.

For more information on how to use snake repellent or where to find rattlesnake repellent then www.aaanimalcontrol.com may be able to offer some additional assistance.

Keep the Yard Mowed!

One way to keep a rattlesnake out of the backyard is to make sure that the yard is mowed. Rattlesnakes can easily hide in tall grass and this can be very dangerous for anyone or any pet that may attempt to walk in the backyard. Grass should be kept short. While this may not remove a rattlesnake from the backyard or even prevent them from coming in, it can make them more easy to spot when they do.

This YouTube video can show why it is important to keep the backyard mowed and free of any hiding spots for rattlesnakes.

Remove All Debris.

If there are dead trees or lots of pine straw in the back yard, then a rattle snake may be hiding in in them. One way to help ward off rattle snakes is to not give them a place for hiding. This is not always the case but by eliminating hiding spots a rattle snake will be less tempted to make a bed in the back yard. Rattle snakes can even hide under old lumber or in tool sheds. Be careful.

www.wideopenspaces.com can offer more information on where rattlesnakes like to hide and how to be careful in those areas because they can become very difficult to spot.

Leave the Snake Alone.

Sometimes not doing anything to the snake can make them leave the back yard. While it is good to keep a distance and watch silently it is never ok to try to approach the rattle snake. A rattle snake can jump twice its body length. So, even coming near the rattle snake is a great risk. Often times the rattle snake will become disinterested in the back yard and leave on its own. Be sure to watch if it leaves though.

A lot of time rattle snakes are simply passing through. Stay at a safe distance and watch for the rattle snake to leave. Make sure all pets and children are inside. Most of the time it will move along. However, if the rattle snake does not more steps will need to be taken.

Set Up A Trap.

Sometimes a rattle snake trap will need to be set up. This is a trap that is designed to catch rattle snakes. It is recommended that only a professional uses the trap to capture the rattle snake due to it venomous qualities. However, there are snake traps on the market that can be purchased and used by individuals to remove a rattle snake.

Sweep the Snake Away.

Sometimes backing away from a snake is not an option. Sometimes like if in a shed the only way out is through the snake. If a broom is near a quick sweep of the snake can push him out of the way in time for the induvial to remove themselves from harm. This is very dangerous and should only be done in dire situations.

Call in Professionals.

One way to remove a rattle snake from the back yard is to call a professional. A professional is a highly trained individual that can safely remove the rattle snake without anyone getting hurt. The professional can then relocate the snake to its natural habitat or even a facility. While rattle snakes are dangerous they do sever a purpose to the environment.

Consider Goats.

It is a common usage of goats to be placed in a section of yard to ward off rattle snakes. While some snakes may still try they are usually warded off by the smell of the goat urine and the constant vibrations they produce when walking around. Goats may be a natural way to keep rattle snakes away.

If someone spots a rattle snake the best thing is to keep distance and let them go about there way or call a professional.

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