February 14, 2022

What Is a Web Designer and What Do They Do?

What Is a Web Designer and What Do They Do

If you have been thinking about developing your website or adding animations, then you may have been thinking about hiring a professional. You might have looked online to see that a web designer is the person to hire for the job, but now you’re asking, what is a web designer and how can they help you? Guelph Website Design, a web designer in Guelph, has helped explain what services web designers provide.

Web Designer or Web Developer?

Although they may sound the same, they are two completely different jobs. Getting to know the difference will help you when hiring a web designer, as you do not want to make the mistake of hiring a web developer when in reality, you need a web designer.

A web developer is a professional who is hired to create a website. They work with code to create a website that has everything you may need. They take care of the sub boxes, the headings, the cover pages, and any other pages you may need. They are the backbone of the website, making sure there are no glitches, and that everything is running smoothly.

A web designer is a professional who creates aesthetically pleasing visuals. This particular person is hired to make sure the website is pleasing to the eyes of the visitor or customers, making sure the customer or visitor stays long enough to buy something or make an appointment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Web Designer

There are many positives to hiring a web designer, especially if you do not know anything about web design and how to optimize it for every technology out there. A web designer help you create a high tech visual according to your website’s needs, giving you the best design to help you bring in more customers/visitors.

However, there can also be disadvantages to hiring a web designer. Knowing whether hiring a web designer is fully up to you and whether you may make full use out of it. Weighing the advantages and the disadvantages can help you come up with a decision to help you decide whether or not you should hire a web designer.

According to Multifamily Insiders, “It can be difficult for an outside company to completely understand the goal of your webpage and how to connect with your target market.” This can lead to problems and frustrations, as you may have paid quite a bit of money to not see the results you wanted. Making sure to know and trust who you are hiring to create your website can help you and the website designer know the vision you are going for.

What Methods Do Web Designers Use?

Web designers use different design methods to fit the client’s requirements for the website. The two most commonly used methods are responsive design and adaptive design.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is used to “respond to” the device it’s being viewed on. Nowadays, different people from all over the world are using different devices. The responsive design is used to fit a desktop screen into a mobile device and vice versa.

Responsive web design have become popular due to the advanced technology coming out. As more technology touches people’s fingertips, the more responsive web design has to advance with the times. Responsive design is always innovating, as now people are using their mobile devices as desktops rather than before when people had to go to a computer to order something. Now it’s at their fingertips, thanks to responsive web design.

Adaptive Design

Although adaptive and responsive web design are similar in many ways, they are actually quite different. According to the Interactive Design Foundation, “Adaptive design refers to graphical user interface (GUI) design that adapts to different screen sizes. Adaptive design typically uses multiple fixed layout sizes—when the system detects the browser size, it selects the layout most appropriate for the screen.”

Hiring a web designer would be a great investment for your company, as you will get a great website that allows you to target your specific audience. They can also help you with SEO targeting, which can boost your audience to a new level. Knowing which web design to hire and trusting them with your vision can help you further not only your business but the website’s content and traffic.

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